CITY   ( inks on glossy photopaper – A4-A5 )

SOFT CITY  ( inks and acrylic on paper – 30×40 )

SERIE I   ( watercoulors and inks on paper – 30×40 )

DAS KLEINE GEBÄUDE   ( marker on paper – digital colors -A3)

“TUTTI AL MARE” CHILDREN BOOK  (collage)   available also in german language 

ANIMALS      (fineliner on paper 21×21)

THE GARDEN   (fineliner on paper  21×21)

PINOCCHIO   (fineliner on paper and digital colors)

PUPPETS   (acrylic on paper  A5)

MR. TWINING      (fineliner on paper- watercolors)

DUNE  ( acrylic on canvas – 65×60 )


CHAOTIC WORLD   (fineliner on paper and digital colors)

SERIES PRAGUE  (fineliner-water colored pencil  A4)

LANDSCAPE    (oil pastels on cardboard )

GREEN   (watercolors)

GIRLS  ( acrylic on panels – 30×30 )